Trona Hospital and Doctors

Trona Hospital about 1954

Trona Hospital about 1954

The Trona Pot-ash, November 21, 1931 (SVHS Research Library)


“Step right this way into the reception room and register” is the greeting you will get when you take your ailment to the new Trona Hospital in the former Guest House Number Two. And the greater will probably be Miss Leps, Head Nurse, who will make you feel a lot better with the smile that welcomes visitors to the latest convenience in Trona community life.

And if you don’t happen to be a patient but just looking over the new hospital you will probably be joined by Dr. Denton, the head man who will take you around to a bright sunny room. In it is a bed that looks ordinary enough but if you get into it you will find that with a few little twist s at the foot of the bed will have your head and back straightened up at an angle of forty-five degrees. and a few more turns will bend your knees almost to your chin.

Then there are the little gadgets with a button on the end of a wire that gives the nurse a buzz to come running and shows the number of the room from which you are calling for attention. Then a little further along the back of the building is a larger room which can hold a number of beds all with the gymnastic ability to bend inside out.

Still another room at the side is all set to be fitted with beds when necessary. Another jaunt around to the front of the building brings a fellow to where Dad Reynolds is hiding for a little rest and recuperation after a operation attended by Dr. Denton, Miss Lepps, Miss Piatt and Miss Germain.

Then after a little chat with dad and his son who happens to be there you catch up with Dr. Denton and Miss Lepps again for a trip to the main room where all the instruments sterilize themselves and where all the cloths and gauze used in operations are steamed under a vacuum pressure to come out biologically pure and harmless.

Standing right up in front is a simple enough looking affair that might be one of those new vibrators for exercise by proxy but instead it is an X-ray machine that shows the bones and wriggling around to give a person a sort of creepy feeling at the first site of the insides squirming around.

Then inside the big shower closet is a darkroom all fitted for developing pictures and there is a miniature shower bath that turns on with a foot petal on the floor. By this time you are ready to ask how sick you have to be to rate a bed in this place but then you find yourself saying ‘Goodbye” to Dr. Denton and Head Nurse Lepps and you get an invitation to “Come again.”


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  • I was the last baby born in that hospital. I love my history….

    Dana HebertJune 14, 2014

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