Trona History 1940s

Picket Line 1941 Strike

Trona Strike Threat Fades

A threatened walkout of employes at one of San Bernardino county’s largest industries, the vast American Potash & Chemical Co. plant at Trona, was apparently averted yesterday after all-day negotiations between union labor officers and the company executives. It was understood that local 414 of Alkaline Salt Workers union, a C.I.O. affiliate, representing a number […]

Trona 1941

Trona in the 1940s

The picture above is an aerial view of Trona in 1941.  As my brother, Joel, pointed out to me it is the best picture of Trona for pointing out the location of various sites that have been mentioned in posts on this site and on Trona on The Web. If you click on it you […]