Trona History 1920s

A few of the homes that remained in Borosolvay in 1953.

30 Homes Are Being Moved Into Trona

Randsburg, March 13 [1924] -W. P. Pierce local truck man has returned from Trona where he has finished the first half of a contract to move 30 houses built originally for the Borosolvay plant into Trona. The houses are built on the lines that made them comfortable the year around and they are dust proof. […]

Great Falls

Trona Mountain Water System

When you take a drink from the Trona Mountain Water System did you ever wonder where the this water came from or how it was brought into Trona or what an undertaking it was to bring good drinking water here so that people could live here and this Company could build a plant? Very few people […]

Stockwell Mine Changes Hands

Trona – The Stockwell Mine, eight airline miles northeast of Trona has been sold by Mr. Edward E. Teagle long time resident of the desert area who will celebrate his 92nd birthday in May. Purchasers of the mine are Peter Cherian and Clifford Hazelton of Visalia. The new owners , who took over on March […]

Burnham Plant

The Burnham Chemical Company

  George B Burnham was working as an engineer for the Solvay Chemical Company in Borosolvay when the plant shut down in 1921. Burnham patented 24 different processes for extracting various chemicals from the brine in Searles Lake. Burnham believed he could be competitive with AP&CC and the other chemical companies and he was able […]

Bunkhouses in Trona

Trona in the 1920s – Dr. Jim Kennedy

The following is from Dr. Jim Kennedy Dover, NJ: In the 1919 and 1920 my father worked for the American Borax and Potash Company. He and two other young men, each independently, took pack horses and armed with Winchester ’94 carbines and for months at a time on horseback rode the perimeter and internal areas of the company’s […]