30 Homes Are Being Moved Into Trona

A few of the homes that remained in Borosolvay in 1953.

A few of the homes that still remained in Borosolvay in 1953.

Randsburg, March 13 [1924] -W. P. Pierce local truck man has returned from Trona where he has finished the first half of a contract to move 30 houses built originally for the Borosolvay plant into Trona.

The houses are built on the lines that made them comfortable the year around and they are dust proof. The 17 buildings of the first part of the contract have added much to the Trona camp by their neat green and white trimmings.

Trona, like all desert camps is short of homes for the families of miners and mechanics so there is a counting of the days by the homemakers who have been promised the buildings equipped with running water, light and other comforts.

Now that the monorail is under operation from Magnesium station on the Trona railroad into the main workings of the shipping point near Wingate Pass, another producing camp will be be added to the desert.

Shipments of pure epsom salts now being made from the deposits found above the surface of the ground. After the building are finished, after the monorail roadbed is well packed through the long stretches of shifting sands and other work permanently to keep the track in good form, is completed, the handling of sodas will not require more than eight hands.

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