2014 March

Trona 1974

Trona 1974

Jeff White sent me a great photo of Trona. I couldn’t wait to share it. Click Here    

Picket Line 1941 Strike

Trona Strike Threat Fades

A threatened walkout of employes at one of San Bernardino county’s largest industries, the vast American Potash & Chemical Co. plant at Trona, was apparently averted yesterday after all-day negotiations between union labor officers and the company executives. It was understood that local 414 of Alkaline Salt Workers union, a C.I.O. affiliate, representing a number […]

A few of the homes that remained in Borosolvay in 1953.

30 Homes Are Being Moved Into Trona

Randsburg, March 13 [1924] -W. P. Pierce local truck man has returned from Trona where he has finished the first half of a contract to move 30 houses built originally for the Borosolvay plant into Trona. The houses are built on the lines that made them comfortable the year around and they are dust proof. […]

Coffee Shop 19 Oct 1950

Fire Razes Trona Coffee Shop

Trona, Oct 19 [1950] – Fire late today destroyed the huge Trona Coffee Shop, the town’s only restaurant, and the sole eating place for 1,000 unmarried male employees of the big American Potash & Chemical Co. desert plant. Tonight it looked as thought they will have a diet of sandwiches and coffee for next few […]