Stockwell Mine Changes Hands


Trona – The Stockwell Mine, eight airline miles northeast of Trona has been sold by Mr. Edward E. Teagle long time resident of the desert area who will celebrate his 92nd birthday in May.

Purchasers of the mine are Peter Cherian and Clifford Hazelton of Visalia.

The new owners , who took over on March 13, plan to bring their families to Searles Valley soon. They have started plans to open the gold mine and as a first step have established a well with plenty of water.

Teagle first came to this are in 1899 when his doctor suggested a desert climate as he was not expected to live more than a year.

Charles Teagle, his brother was already in the area having a store, dining room and several house at Garden Station which is now the westerly terminal of the Trona Railroad.

The Teagle brothers, at one time owned and operated several stores in Johannesburg, Ballarat, Atolia, Garden Station and Skidoo as well as feed and lumber yards in other locations.

Teage acquired the Stockwell mine in 1924 and paid a reported $100,000 for it. Teagle has related that in 1936 he was offered $400,000 for the mine but it was producing so well that he declined to sell it.

The mine was shut down with the general federal order to close gold mines following the War Production Board order of 1941. Friends were happy to leam that Teagle has reserved a house and garage at the mine so that he will still receive his many visitors in familiar surroundings.

When Teagle drives into town (Trona) for the mail and to do his shopping he often tells friends he meets of various incidents of tlte old days in this area. He was an active businessman in a number of locations and adventured into Nevada during his heyday.

His stories of the past are illumined with his ready wit and the listener need beware that some of the stories aren’t exaggerated a bit when his audience is gullible.

Teagle’s autobiographical account of how he sold China Lake three times but couldn’t get it back the third time is worth hearing.

In 1904 Teagle, tells of a trip he took to Tonopah with a geologist and friend, Charlie Churchill, in a covered wagon and mule team. During the exploits of the trip they encountered “January Jones and helped him sell some claims for a monetary consideration and then insisted that Jones’ wife, then living in Sonora, share in her husband’s wealth, to Jones displeasure.

One of Teagle’s hobbles is to write the congressmen to raise the price of gold and to contradict the current generation of 1 historical writers since he sees the past differently from what is being written.

By DORIS BRAY TRONA -The San Bernardino County Sun 22 March 1963


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