2013 May

Burnham Plant

The Burnham Chemical Company

  George B Burnham was working as an engineer for the Solvay Chemical Company in Borosolvay when the plant shut down in 1921. Burnham patented 24 different processes for extracting various chemicals from the brine in Searles Lake. Burnham believed he could be competitive with AP&CC and the other chemical companies and he was able […]

California May Furnish Potash for Whole Country -1912

Sausalito News, Volume 28, Number 42, 12 October 1912 San Francisco—Are the desert valleys of Inyo and San Bernardino counties to become the source of the potash supply of the United States? That the question is an important, one for the state is evident when it is considered that $20,000,000 worth of potash is used […]