2013 April

Searles Valley Prior to 1900

After hearing of the success “Borax” Smith was having mining borax in Death Valley John Searles returned Borax flats, a place he had passed through while searching for gold. This time he and his partners filed five claims for minerals on the dry lake that would eventually be named after him. The San Bernardino Borax […]

Bunkhouses in Trona

Trona in the 1920s – Dr. Jim Kennedy

The following is from Dr. Jim Kennedy Dover, NJ: In the 1919 and 1920 my father worked for the American Borax and Potash Company. He and two other young men, each independently, took pack horses and armed with Winchester ’94 carbines and for months at a time on horseback rode the perimeter and internal areas of the company’s […]

Trona in the 1910s

Searles Valley in the 1900s