• Trona in 1975

    Bicentennial activities will start with dedication of downtown Austin Plaza at 6:45 p.m. tomorrow [Friday, April 18, 1975] with a patriotic recognition program. The community is invited to attend, join in the singing of the patriotic songs and meet members of the many organizations who have participated in preparation of the park for senior citizen and public use. The park has been leased to the Trona Business and Professional Women’s Club from Kerr-McGee Chemical Corp. without charge. Aerial view of Trona taken in 1971.

  • Trona Hospital and Doctors

    “Step right this way into the reception room and register” is the greeting you will get when you take your ailment to the new Trona Hospital in the former Guest House Number Two. And the greater will probably be Miss Leps, Head Nurse, who will make you feel a lot better with the smile that welcomes visitors to the latest convenience in Trona community life.

  • Trona Schools

    The first year of the new Trona Joint Unified School was 1941 right after Pearl Harbor was attacked. This photograph was taken in 1965. The classrooms that were in use in 1941 have all been closed. I am guessing because the cost of building new classrooms was less than what it would take to bring the old buildings up to current standards.

  • The Hornsey Plant

    In 1913, the Hornsey-process plant failed to effect economical separation of the Searles Lake brines, the American Trona Corporation shut down abruptly, and if the war had not created a golden opportunity to exploit potash, might have abandoned the project.

  • Austin Hall Theater

    The Trona theater was open air and surrounded by the four walls of Austin Hall. There were steam lines under the benches for heat and canvas tarps stretched on cable that could be deployed give viewers some protection from the rain. When it was dark enough the evening would start with the news a cartoon and maybe a short subject before the main feature.

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